Haunted History of Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo's violent and often anguished history has given way to myriad ghostly tales surrounding some of the town's most prominent places.


  • Read of the  the tortured souls roaming the Asylum Lake Preserve.

  • Hear the tales of the infamous suicide of the amateur actress Thelma, who reputedly haunts the Civic Auditorium.

  •  Learn of a grave marker long abused by locals that is reported to have been responsible for the birth of demon spawn.

  • Explore an almost forgotten section of one of Kalamazoo's largest cemeteries, where the cross atop the grave of deceased minister oozes an unknown substance.

    In this startlingly spooky collection of tales, ghost hunters Bray and DuShane gather stories from legend, lore and residents alike that bring new meaning to the the-old adage, "seeing is believing.".

With over 30 haunted locations, this book is a must for your paranormal library.